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Velo Mine

Wahoo Fitness KICKR Climb Indoor Grade Simulator

Wahoo Fitness KICKR Climb Indoor Grade Simulator

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With the KICKR Climb, Wahoo eliminates the penultimate barrier for cyclists looking to simulating outdoor riding while training indoors: the feeling of tilt on a climbing grade. The ultimate barrier is, of course, actually being outside, but when weather or time constraints make that impossible, the KICKR Climb pairs with Wahoo's KICKR and KICKR Snap trainers to recreate a climbing experience that automatically matches your bike's tilt to the virtual grade being simulated by the trainer in conjunction with your training program.

At first blush, this may appear to be an unnecessary feature; however, think about what it feels like to pedal up a serious climb. Sliding back in the saddle, engaging as much of your climbing engine as possible-that's an awkward proposal when your bike stays level even while your trainer's resistance ramps up to match the virtual training course or hill repeat program you're tackling. By physically tilting you and your machine, the KICKR Climb lets you engage your climbing muscles, making those smart trainer workouts that much more effective and producing better results for when you can finally get back out on the road again.

No tech product is complete without an exhaustive note on compatibility, and here's ours for the KICKR Climb: The climb works only with the latest (2017 or later) versions of the KICKR (the one with thru-axle compatibility) and the KICKR Snap smart trainers. It's compatible with third party training apps, including Zwift and TrainerRoad, and it includes adapters for quick-release skewers as well as 12 x 100mm, 15 x 100mm, and 15 x 110mm thru-axles, so disc brake road machines and even Boost axle mountain bikes aren't omitted from the party. Finally, if you'd rather skip the app and dictate your own gradient, an included remote lets you bypass the auto adjust feature and dial the tilt yourself.

-A smart trainer accessory that elevates your indoor game

-Positions your bike to mimic gradients between 20% and -10%

-Repositioning your body better engages climbing muscles

-Automatic or manual adjustment options via remote control

-Pairs with 2017 KICKR and KICKR Snap smart trainers

-Syncs with Wahoo's ELEMNT and ELEMNT Bolt head units

-Includes adapters for QR to Boost and everything in between

-Compatible with most major training apps, including Zwift and TrainerRoad

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