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Vittoria Corsa Competition 2.0 700 x 23 Black 320 TPI Clincher

Vittoria Corsa Competition 2.0 700 x 23 Black 320 TPI Clincher

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    • As a top choice for Vittoria's professional riders, the Corsa has seen wins at the Tour de Frace, the Giro d'Italia, numerous Spring Classics, a number of World and European Championships, and the list goes on. The new Corsa G2.0 Tire builds on that winning pedigree, but features a revised Graphene 2.0 compound that functionalizes Graphene's performance advancements into more specific applications. In the case of the Corsa G2.0, the targeted improvement is to lower rolling resistance, without sacrificing durability. The tire retains Vittoria's 320 TPI Corespun-K casing that closely conforms to the road's surface, providing you with the supple ride quality Vittoria tires are known for.

    • Vittoria's exclusive extruding machine allows them to mix 4 compounds into a single tread, and then fortify it with Graphene 2.0. This allows Vittoria to fine-tune the flex of the tread-base and tread-surface separately, placing the correct durometer Graphene 2.0 compound exactly where it's needed for maximum grip, rolling speed, cornering control, and wear life. Vittoria claims that Graphene 2.0 significantly reduces rolling resistance, while at the same time increasing abrasion-resistance, making this tire both faster and more resistant to flats than the previous Corsa G Plus.

    • The winning Corsa road tire sees an updated Graphene compound
    • 4C tread compound optimizes grip, rolling speed, & wear life
    • Graphene 2.0 reduces rolling resistance and boosts durability
    • 320 TPI core spun casing conforms to the road for a supple ride