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Tool Torque Wrench Park Tw-5.2 3/8 18-124

Tool Torque Wrench Park Tw-5.2 3/8 18-124

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  • The TW-5.2 is a high quality, ratcheting, click-type torque wrench that accurately measures and applies the proper amount of torque to a component’s threaded fasteners
  • With a range of 2-14Nm, the TW-5.2 is designed for the lower torque settings that a shop or consumer would use for proper seat post, seat clamp and handlebar / stem applications
  • Ratcheting 3/8` drive reads and registers for both left hand and right hand threading
  • Dial-adjust system allows desired torque setting to be preset
  • Conversion scale on tool body
  • Comes with its own protective case


  • Tool Type:Torque Wrench
  • Weight:
  • Color:2-14 Newton (18-124 Inch Pounds)
  • Compatibility:2-14 Newton (18-124 Inch Pounds)
  • Size:3/8" Drive
  • Model:TW-5.2
  • Brand Compatibility:
  • Driver:
  • Note:
  • Quantity:
  • Part Type:
  • Fluid Compatibility:
  • Fluid Included