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Tool Brake Disc Park Bleedkit Bkd-1.2 Dot W/O Fluid

Tool Brake Disc Park Bleedkit Bkd-1.2 Dot W/O Fluid

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  • The BKD-1.2 is a professional, shop quality service kit for bleeding DOT fluid based brake systems and includes a wide variety of fittings, syringes, bleed blocks, hoses and adapters all housed in a rugged storage case
  • Compatible with most models of DOT fluid-based hydraulic disc brakes, including models made by SRAM, Formula, Hayes, and Hope
  • Please contact a sales representitive or visit for a compete list of included tools
  • NOTE: The BKD-1.2 is for DOT fluid-based hydraulic bicycle brake systems only. DOT fluid and mineral oil should never be mixed in the brake system or in their respective service tools


  • Tool Type:Bleed Kit
  • Weight:
  • Color:Various
  • Compatibility:Various
  • Size:
  • Model:BKD-1.2
  • Brand Compatibility:
  • Driver:
  • Note:
  • Quantity:
  • Part Type:
  • Fluid Compatibility:DOT
  • Fluid Included:No