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Tool Bb F-P Install/Remove Kit Pf28.99

Tool Bb F-P Install/Remove Kit Pf28.99

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  • Removes 41, 42 & 46mm ID Press Fit DUB Bottom Brackets
  • No need for excessive force - gentle pressure from the combination of the driver and split steel-hitch with a few turns of an allen key is all that’s required
  • Dedicated wrench for BSA 28.99mm ID bottom bracket removal and installation
  • Everything you need contained in the compact storage and carrying case


  • Tool Type:BB Kit
  • Weight:
  • Color:DUB Bottom Brackets
  • Compatibility:DUB Bottom Brackets
  • Size:
  • Model:
  • Brand Compatibility:
  • Driver:
  • Note:
  • Quantity:
  • Part Type:
  • Fluid Compatibility:
  • Fluid Included