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Velo Mine

Light and Motion Vis 1000/Vis 180 Pro Combo Headlight/Taillight

Light and Motion Vis 1000/Vis 180 Pro Combo Headlight/Taillight

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Light & Motion Vis 1000 Power Combo combines the Vis 1000 headlight with the Vis 180 Pro taillight to provide extreme power for superior day and night safety and visibility. This light combo features high outputs in SafePulse/daytime mode, and long run times for all-day rides and centuries. Easy USB recharge, quick mounting, and industry-leading performance and reliability.

Huge output with 1000 lumen headlight and 150 lumen taillight

Both lights have powerful side lighting for maximum safety through intersections and high traffic areas

High-output SafePulse mode is ideal for daytime safety and is proven to enhance driver€™s depth perception when approaching rider

Multiple power options (15 €“ 12 hrs headlight, 6 €“ 32 hrs taillight) conserve runtime to ensure lights can be used on extended rides

Quick and easy mounting, quick switch between bikes, and easy charging via micro USB cable

Industry-leading durability and reliability, and a 2-year warranty

Color: Black

Battery: Rechargeable

Recharge Type: USB

Lumens Front: 1000

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