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Enve M730 27.5 650b DT 240 Hubs Carbon Mountain Wheels Shimano

Enve M730 27.5 650b DT 240 Hubs Carbon Mountain Wheels Shimano

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An incredible closeout deal on Enve Mountain Bike Wheels!

Short of a broken frame, there are few things that can turn around a good time on a bike than a snapped or taco'd rim that leaves you walking out for miles. To mitigate this issue, ENVE launched its M730 hoops for strength that finds the right balance with weight to power through big, chunky terrain, without wavering under pressure. The ENVE M730 27.5in Wheelset comes from resilient roots of the M70's, which ENVE's team of engineers redesigned for this iteration, spending years developing and testing before landing on a wheel that can truly tackle the whole mountain, and is reinforced with new technology adding a protective layer to your rim and tire, so you don't have to make compromises to your ride quality to avoid flats anymore.

The older M70 line offered a lot of inspiration to the new M730 line, but with plenty of tweaks to create change that you can feel. While the rim saw changes to its profile, we think the biggest change that the wheels underwent was with the creation, and addition of ENVE's new Protective Rim Strip. The Protective Rim Strip is designed to provide pinch flat protection, while protecting the rim itself, so you don't have to resort to heavy downhill tires, rim inserts, or running ungodly high tire pressure to keep from damaging tires and rims. We all know the feeling of drifting on a corner that we thought was solid, and many times because we were running our tire pressure too high, so enabling us to lower our tire pressure to the ideal sweet spot gives us a huge increase in our contact patch and traction for more confidence and control.

The new M7 line, like the M70's past, use ENVE's M90 carbon layup, which is burly enough to handle it when you ride full-send, but light enough that they are eager to be pedaled up switchbacks and long fire roads. The M90's downhill-directed carbon layup is ideal for enduro stages and trail riding where your flowy or tech-laden descents have to be earned with a long climb to the top. Narrower than the M735s, we're huge fans of the sweet spot where the M730's land. With an internal rim width of 30 millimeters, you can run anything from the versatile and nimble 2.3-inch tire, all the way up to a 2.5-inch tire for a plusher feel with ample control cornering and riding slick terrain. This wide profile does inevitably add a bit of weight when its paired with the Protective Rim Strip, but we're happy with where it lands at 1,744-grams (DT 240 centerlock), knowing that we'd be adding significantly more weight to achieve the same durability with a DH tire or rim-insert.

ENVE's designers utilize their Smart system to create tough, stable wheels for all riding conditions. Using a patented process of molding in-spoke holes, valve stem holes, and nipple seats, they earn ENVE's reputation for incredible strength-to-weight ratios. ENVE's carbon fiber is meticulously laid around each hole to maintain continuous fiber integrity, resulting in increased rim rigidity while keeping weight lower at the spoke face. When you lace this system to a hub the result is a system that facilitates more uniform, and higher spoke tension than standard molding. In addition to their meticulous layup, ENVE uses a process that removes the inner bladder from the carbon fiber molding, which results in lower weight compared to other composite manufacturers who leave the rim-molding inner bladder inside the rim when the wheel is complete. The tedious process of removing the bladder adds expense, but lands you with a lighter rim with superior weight distribution and perfect tension.

It's natural to draw our emphasis to the rim when we talk about ENVE wheels, since that's where we see their industry defining carbon, but it's worth thinking about what we're lacing those hoops to. Completing the package, ENVE threads the M730's up with DT Swiss's iconic 240 hubs. With Swiss precision engineering and machining, the 240 maintains its status as a legend among DT's hubs. The latest refinements of the 240 hubs leave them extremely lightweight and durable, with a ratchet system that propels you forward with little lag so there's no waste of power. The hubs and rims come together in Utah, where they are laced up to create an impeccable wheel with the longevity you expect from a class-leading wheel system.

Burly wheels built to handle rowdy, gravity-minded riders
Versatile 30mm internal plays well with 2.3-2.5in tires
New ENVE Protective Rim Strip shields rim and tire
Pinch-flat protection so you can run lower tire pressure
Tough and light carbon layup inspired by M90 for big hits
DT 240 hubs offer their classic, lightweight quick actuation

Hub/Brake Compatibility: Six Bolt Disc
Cassette Body Type: Shimano
Front Axle: 15mm Thru x 100mm (Standard)
Hub Drilling: 32 Spoke
ISO Diameter: 27.5 650b
Rim Material: Carbon
Rear Axle: 12mm Thru x 142mm (Standard)
Rim: ENVE M730
Tire Type: Tubeless Ready
Valve Extenders Included
Wheel Size: 27.5"
Hub Model: DT 240

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