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Campagnolo Levante Carbon Gravel Bike 700c Wheelset

Campagnolo Levante Carbon Gravel Bike 700c Wheelset

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Levante. Named after the Easterly wind of the Mediterranean, this new carbon gravel wheelset is designed for speed, durability and control in any terrain.

Designed to compliment our iconic Ekar groupset, Levante is much more than a wheel. Beneath the beauty lies a series of in-house technological innovations designed and tested to be light for handling, stiff for climbing and compliant for descending. Engineered from the gravel up, to give you an extraordinary ride experience.

Levante pushes the limits of what's possible from a gravel wheel. Its H.U.L.C (Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon) rims enable a sub 1500g race weight that's tough enough to tackle mountain singletrack. 25mm internal asymmetric rim profile allows speed on all tire types, without disturbing handling. Our legendary Campagnolo cup and cone bearings make servicing simple and free hub options are N3W, XDR and HG inclusive.

The Campagnolo Levante Carbon Gravel Bike Wheelset is a high-performance wheelset designed specifically for gravel and adventure riding. It features a lightweight carbon fiber rim construction, with a 30mm profile depth and 25mm internal rim width optimized for use with wider gravel tires.

The rim design features a hookless profile, which allows for a wider and more stable tire contact patch, providing improved traction and stability on loose or rough terrain. The rim is also tubeless-ready, allowing you to run lower tire pressures for even better traction and comfort.

The Levante Carbon Gravel Bike Wheelset is designed to be durable and reliable, with components made from high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium. It also features a number of unique design elements, such as the differentiated rim height for improved aerodynamics and stability.

Overall, the Campagnolo Levante Carbon Gravel Bike Wheelset is a great choice for gravel and adventure riders who demand high-performance and reliability from their wheelset. It offers a lightweight and durable construction, optimized for use with wider tires and designed to provide excellent traction and stability on a variety of terrain.

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