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Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 Carbon Tubeless Clincher rim brake Wheelset Dark label

Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 Carbon Tubeless Clincher rim brake Wheelset Dark label

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Actual Weight: Front 670g Rear 858g

With the new Bora WTO 45, Campagnolo has focused on producing the most efficient wheels possible in terms of decreasing rolling resistance as the cyclist moves and maximising aerodynamic efficiency.

The acronym WTO - WIND TUNNEL OPTIMIZED €“ calls to mind the environment that the team of Campy Tech Lab engineers worked in to meet these challenging project objectives. The new Bora WTO 60 wheels feature exclusive design characteristics that establish new standards in aerodynamic efficiency. Directly from the wind tunnel to the market, the pair of Bora WTO 60 wheels is destined to become the necessary choice every time a cyclist faces a route that requires average speeds of more than 40 km/h.

The most aerodynamic

The rim design enables the maximum amount of aerodynamic penetration when the wind angle is between 12° and 19°, making it a thrust for triathlon athletes.

The streamlined design of the central part of the hub decreases the frontal area of the component whilst the special design of the flanges favours airflow detachment.

The 18-spoke elliptical cross section in the front and 21-spoke rear cross section in the rear result in a far superior rolling resistance of the cross sections compared to competitor wheels.

The smoothest

The well-known USB cup-and-cone bearing system guarantees smoothness in the ceramic bearings.

The 2-Way Fit profile allows you to mount either a clincher tire or a tubeless tire, with less rolling resistance.

The C19 class allows you to mount tyres from 23, 25 to 28 mm, with perfect pairing of the rim-tyre system.

Choose aero... but make it Campagnolo

Campagnolo's rideability remains high despite the focus on aerodynamics.

The wheel structure enables reducing energy dissipation, transferring all the energy produced by the cyclist to the asphalt.

A 45 mm profile and a weight of 1,547 g for the pair makes this wheel ideal for riding on routes that enable going more than 40 km/h.


WHEEL DEVELOPED IN THE WIND TUNNEL: every wheel component, from the rim to the hub and the spokes, is designed to guarantee maximum aerodynamic penetration.

RIM MADE ENTIRELY OF HIGH MODULUS CARBON: the rim made of unidirectional carbon ensures the rideability Campagnolo is known for.

SPECIAL BRAKE BLOCKS FOR CARBON WHEELS: the special compound boosts braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces, without increasing the wear rate of the pad.

CUP-AND-CONE BEARING SYSTEM: easy to register balls/bearings - reduced possibility of ball/bearing play - precise cycling operations - steady performance levels.

HUB STRUCTURE IN LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINIUM THAT IS EXTREMELY STIFF AND AERODYNAMIC: this was optimised in the wind tunnel and designed to reach elevated performance levels for stiffness and weight.



-18 steel spokes in the front elliptical cross section

-21 steel spokes in the rear elliptical cross section, spaced in groups of three through the G3 system

-Anti-rotation technology on the radial spokes


-Campagnolo sprocket set 10/11/12


-Black aluminium monolithic hub

-USB cup-and-cone bearing system

-Hub edge: 100 mm in the front, 130 mm in the rear

-Pivot material: aluminium


-Profile height: 45 mm

-Rim material: carbon

-Rim cross section (H x W): 60 / 26.5 mm

-Rim class: C19

-AC3 technology on the braking rim

-Water Transfer graphic


The Bora WTO 60 Wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo technician and is 100% checked by electronic instrumentation. This procedure ensures that every single Campagnolo wheel offers maximum performance and reliability.


-Special brake block kit for carbon wheels (red compound): 40% better braking performance in wet conditions and 20% better in dry

-Lightweight Quick Release wheels with an aerodynamic profile and shiny finish

-44 mm tubeless valve

-40 mm valve extender

-Bushing to reduce the size of the valve hole

-User manual

We can change to Shimano/SRAM freehub body and brake pads if needed.  (specify in order comments during checkout)

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