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Brake Shoes Kogel Kratos Disc Force/Red22/Level2019+ Sint

Brake Shoes Kogel Kratos Disc Force/Red22/Level2019+ Sint

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  • Kogel Kratos disc pads are engineered for the best durability in wet environments and intense braking
  • Ceramic Barrier coating on backside of pads so your brake fluid stays cooler, improving sustained performance and negating any need for fins
  • Manufacturing process that bakes pads at 1000 Celsius so their easier to bed-in taking the guess work out of installing your pads
  • Kratos pads reach maximum potential with some heat buildup from cornering and descending
  • Nickel and lead free for less impact on the enviroment and creatures that call the trail home


  • Pad Style ID:42
  • Compatibility:SRAM Apex 1, CX1, Rival 1, Force 1, Rival22, Force22, Red22, Red ETAP, Red AXS, S700, S900 HRD, Level TLM, Level Ultimate
  • Pad Material:
  • Compound:
  • Pad Color:
  • Hardware:
  • Brand:Kogel
  • Backplate:
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