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Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed 6 PC Groupset 170 Crankset

Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed 6 PC Groupset 170 Crankset

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2019-2020 Campagnolo Chorus 12 Speed Groupset

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Campagnolo Chorus Shift Lever Set - 12-Speed

The Campagnolo Chorus Shift Lever Set features an ergonomic lever design and efficient shifting performance.

  • Ultra-Shift mechanism controls the 12-speed rear derailleur, letting the rider shift up by up to 3 sprockets and down by up to 5 sprockets in a single movement
  • Campagnolo's one-lever-one-action philosophy ensures no-confusion control, regardless of the cycling conditions or the cyclist€™s position
  • The various positions possible for Ergopower controls mean they adapt better to different hand sizes
  • Vari-cushion grip offer good, safe grip when standing pedaling or when leaning high on the handlebars
  • Brake lever with double curve ensures maximum safety in all riding positions: whether actioned from the handlebar curve or the controls

Campagnolo Chorus Rear Derailleur - 12-Speed

The Campagnolo Chorus 12-speed rear derailleur features 3D Embrace technology and 12-tooth pulley wheels making it suitable for all cassettes as the distance stays optimum on each individual sprocket, regardless of the cassette selected.

  • Embrace technology not only keeps the rear derailleur vertically aligned in the perfect position for each sprocket, it now makes the upper pulley wheel advance perfectly in the direction the bike is advancing
  • On rough roads, the spring positioned between the upper body and the pivot absorbs the vibrations, ensuring the chain always rests properly on the sprockets
  • The pulley wheels on the 12-tooth derailleur cage allow the chain to move more smoothly
  • The initial position of the rear derailleur can be adjusted to suit any cassette.
  • The rear derailleur is positioned further back, making it easier to slide the wheel out and replace it
  • Upper and lower body crafted from technopolymer that is reinforced with long carbon fiber for exceptional durability

Campagnolo Chorus Front Derailleur - 12-Speed, Braze-On

The Campagnolo Chorus front derailleur provides immediate, responsive upshifting with extreme precision.

  • Upper semi-rod not connected to the lower one for more effective, precise movement and no contact with travel limit
  • The derailleur stops transmission contact and friction to improve maximum cross-chaining situations
  • Designed to accommodate tires up to 32mm without the risk of contact with the derailleur
  • Double-position fixing of the cable allows for maximum compatibility with frames and tires
  • An optimized position for every engaged sprocket means limited risk of contact with the chain

Campagnolo Chorus Chain - 12-Speed, 110 Links, Silver/Gray

Ultra-Link Chains designed to maximize performance with Campagnolo drivetrains, while increasing durability and power transmission.

  • Delivers extremely high performance levels and durability over time
  • Design is optimized to perform with teeth on sprockets and crowns of Chorus drivetrain components
  • Solid pins are aligned with the external surface for smoothness and precision
  • 5.15mm width is designed to produce faster and lighter shifting

Campagnolo Chorus Crankset

The Campagnolo Chorus 12-Speed Crankset features lightweight carbon crank arms, and is optimized for Campagnolo's Ultra-Torque crank system.

  • Utilizes Campagnolo's Ultra-Torque crank system to provide a very light weight and stiff system that transfers power to the pedals without power loss
  • Directly molded unidirectional carbon fiber cranks, steel axle, and aluminum chainrings provide exceptional stiffness and optimum power transmission
  • Symmetrical teeth on the internal chainring allow for fluid and precise transmission, even with extreme cross-chaining
  • Chainrings are surface treated for longer life
  • Q-Factor: 145.5mm
  • Design is optimized to run multiple chainring combinations

Campagnolo Chorus Brakeset, Dual Pivot Front and Rear

The Campagnolo Chorus brakeser offers powerful yet modular braking performance, ensuring excellent levels of control.

  • Dual pivot design guarantees more powerful braking than a single pivot, especially when the pads are close to the braking surface
  • Forged alloy skeleton arms are lightweight and stiff
  • Adjustable pad holders allow for micro adjustment
  • Pad coupling/uncoupling system for fast and secure pad replacement

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